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In Starship Troopers, there are a few references to work, including serving in the federation. Jobs like politicians, are mentioned, but the primary focus is Mobile Infantry and other military jobs. There are two key points made in Starship Troopers about jobs. One has to do with the difference between citizens and civilians. Citizens, people who have served, get preferential treatment over citizens, and sometimes it is even a requirement to be a citizen, like to be a politician. The other point made is that there seems to be less of a choice when it comes to jobs, at least when serving the federation. Tests drive which branch of the federation you get put into, there doesn’t seem to be much choice. These tests of course are administered by the federation, and there doesn’t seen to be any appeal process. We see many computers being used throughout the movie, especially on the spaceship, but these all seem pretty dumb, requiring humans to do many of the tasks, including programing the navigation. The computers seem to be able to execute the tasks they have been programed to do, but other than that, humans still do most of the work.